Haynette is a Het ship between Hayner and Olette in the Kingdom Hearts series.


Hayner and Olette have been close friends along with Pence for an unknown amount of time. They always hang in Twilight Town at their usual spot. Hayner and Olette especially like to eat sea-salt ice cream together although Pence is usually with them. In the simulated Twilight Town, Olette is often shown trying to keep the hot-heated Hayner in line and convinces him to be responsible such as when they needed to get their homework done. It seems that they are like this in the real Twilight Town as well.


Haynette has a decent amount of popularity in the Kingdom Hearts fandom. A lot of fans like to pair Olette with Hayner because they are two individuals of the opposite sex who balance each other out personality wise. Since Hayner and Olette are only minor characters, their ship is not nearly as popular as the ships that involve the main characters. However, Haynette is one of the most popular ships involving Olette.