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Kendra“You're not gonna run away all of a sudden, are you?”
Cisco“Trust me — I'm staying by your side as long as possible”
―Secret Jitters dinner

Hawkvibe is the het ship between Cisco Ramon and Kendra Saunders from the Arrowverse fandom.


Cisco sees Kendra working at CC Jitters one day and tries to work up the nerve to ask her out, supported by Barry. Much to his own surprise, Kendra accepts Cisco's invitation and Cisco prepares a lovely picnic at Jitters, which is unfortunately interrupted rudely by Vandal Savage. Cisco also confides in Caitlin that he worries as he's experiencing vibes about Kendra where she has bird wings.

As Kendra starts to realise that she has supernatural powers, Cisco reveals to her that Barry is the Flash and they seek help from Team Arrow to learn more about her powers. When Carter Hall aka Hawkman finds Kendra, Cisco is annoyed at the supposed 'destined' romance of 4,000 years that Carter relays he and Kendra share. Confused about discovering a past life, Kendra starts remembering her lifetimes with Carter, while Cisco is worried she'll leave him. When Carter fails to bring out Kendra's true spirit, Oliver asks Cisco to help and he succeeds. They defeat Vandal Savage, but Kendra breaks up with Cisco to explore her future past.


Hawkvibe is a common pairing and the first romance Cisco had on the series that was allowed to develop over consecutive episodes. With Kendra's faith entwined in mythology and her departure for Legends, the ship has become more rare but is still one of the sweeter moments in Season 2 and both characters' romantic past.


  • Cisco wrote a post about their break-up on his Tumblr.[1]



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