Haroph is a Het ship between Haru and Toph Beifong in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Toph and Haru did not have much interaction but the two first met at the rendezvous point before the Fire Nation invasion. Toph witnessed his reunion with Katara but was quickly distracted by the arrival of The Boulder and The Big Bad Hippo. The invasion ended up being a failure so Toph and Haru escaped on Appa along with the other children and members of Team Avatar. They hid at the Western Air Temple until Azula attacked and they left separately. At one point, Katara had something to announce and Toph suspected that she had a secret thing with Haru.


Haroph has a decent amount of fans in the Avatar fandom. Haru's most likely love interest seemed to be Katara while Toph's most likely love interest seemed to be Sokka. However, the two ended up with Aang and Suki respectively so some fans started to ship them together to solve the issue of them being alone. When it was revealed that Toph had children in the future, some fans named Haru as a possible candidate for the father. Haroph commonly rivals the Harutara, Ty Laru, Tokka, Taang, Toko and The Doph ships.


  • Toph actually suspected that Haru and Katara had a thing going on at one point.

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