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Hank McCoy is a character in the comic book and film series X-Men.


Hank is a sweet, kind and unassuming man, who works as a scientist. He is brilliant and shy at first, especially around people, possibly due to his astonishing powers. When he meets Charles Xavier and other mutants, he begins to feel more at home and grow into himself. Hank is considered one of the world's experts on mutations and evolutionary Humans, human biology. He has extensive knowledge of genetics, biochemistry, and a variety of other scientific fields. Hank is also an accomplished keyboard player.


The Beast possesses superhuman strength, agility, endurance, and speed, despite his bulk. He possesses the agility of a great ape and the acrobatic prowess of an accomplished circus aerialist. His physiology is durable enough to allow him to survive a three-story fall by landing on his feet without suffering any broken bones or sprains. The Beast's legs are powerful enough to enable him to leap approximately 15 feet high in a standing high jump, and around 25 feet in a standing broad jump. He can also run on all fours at approximately 40 miles per hour for short sprints.The Beast can crawl up brick walls by wedging his fingers and toes into the smallest cracks and applying a vice-like grip on them, as well as walk a tightrope with minimal effort.

He is adept in performing complicated sequences of gymnastics such as flips, rolls, and springs, and can also walk on his hands for many hours. Further, his manual and pedial dexterity are so great that he can perform multiple tasks such as writing with both hands at once or tie knots in rope with his toes.The Beast possesses enhanced senses, the ability to secrete pheromones to attract members of the opposite sex, as well as a slight healing factor that allows him to regenerate minor wounds and recover quickly from minor ailments such as colds. The Beast also possesses cat-like night vision as well as razor-sharp claws on his hands and feet.



Beastique – the ship between Hank and Mystique


Hankavier – the ship between Hank and Charles Xavier

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