Hakya is a Het ship between Hakoda and Kya in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


It is unknown how Hakoda and Kya first met, but they both lived in the Southern Water Tribe. At some point, they fell in love and got married. After their marriage, Hakoda's mother Kanna passed down her betrothal necklace to Kya. They eventually had two children named Sokka and Katara. At some point, the Southern Raiders attacked the Southern Water Tribe as they were looking for the sole waterbender. Kya lied and said that she was the waterbender in order to protect Katara. Their leader Yon Rha killed her and Hakoda arrived to the hut along with Hakoda and found her dead. Hakoda was distraught by this and is never known to have remarried.


Hakya is a somewhat popular ship in the Avatar fandom. Since Kya was already dead by the start of the series and Hakoda was not seen much, this ship is not super popular because hardly anything in known about how the two got together. Some fans like to think that Hakoda never moved on after he lost his wife while others ship Hakoda with Ursa or even Bato.



Sokka is the son and first child of Hakoda and Kya. He is a non-bender and a warrior of the Southern Water Tribe who can fight with a boomerang, machete, spear, and club. After training with Piandao, he can also fight with a sword. Sokka left along with his sister Katara and Avatar Aang in order to help them end the war against the Fire Nation. They were eventually successful and Sokka started a romantic relationship with the Kyoshi Warrior Suki.


Katara is the daughter and second child of Hakoda and Kya. She is a waterbender and was the only one of her kind left in the Southern Water Tribe. Katara had a lot of hope and eventually left to help Avatar Aang end the war against the Fire Nation. During her journey, she trained and became one of the most powerful waterbenders in the world, as well as learning how to heal and bloodbend. After the war finally ended, Katara married Aang and had three children with him.

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