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Hahn is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is a warrior from the Northern Water Tribe and was the fiancee of Princess Yue until she died and became the moon.


Het Ships

  • Kahahn - Hahn and Katara
  • Yuhahn - Hahn and Yue

Canon Relationships


Hahn was chosen by Chief Arnook to marry Princess Yue prior to Team Avatar's arrival to the Northern Water Tribe. Per traditions, he carved a betrothal necklace for her. While Hahn found Yue to be nice and beautiful, he cared more about the perks of being married to a princess and even bragged about this to Sokka. Yue later died as a human and became the new moon spirit so Hahn never got to marry her.


Hahn is not a very popular character in the Avatar fandom. This is mainly due to the fact that he is a "jerk without a soul" according to Sokka and did not care for Yue as a person. Most fans supported Yue's relationship with Sokka and would have rather seen her with him than Hahn whom she was being forced to marry. There are still some fans who ship Hahn with Yue because it works with other ships such as Sukka and Tokka. Many fans speculate that Hahn was killed after being thrown into the freezing ocean but some believe that he could have survived.


  • It is unknown if Hahn survived being thrown overboard during the Siege of the North.

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