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Groose is a character in The Legend of Zelda series. He is a student at the Knight Academy in Skyloft in Skyward Sword.


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Groose started out as a rival and bully to Link because he was jealous of his friendship with Zelda. He even went as far as capturing his Loftwing so that he could not win the wing ceremony. Groose gets irritated with Link when Zelda is snatched to the surface and blames him for the event. He later follows him to the surface and is upset when he is told that Link is the hero who will save Zelda and not him.

Groose was told that he would still have a very important role to play in helping Link save Zelda. He eventually invented the Groosenator which served as a roller coaster to help him fight the Imprisoned. Groose also comes up with a plan to help Link reach the water dragon Faron when he is only able to descend to the Sealed Temple. When he finally gets to see Zelda again, he expresses his gratitude towards Link and helps protect her when Ghirahim uses her to revive Demise. After the final battle, Groose returns to Skyloft and waves goodbye to Link who is staying on the surface, signifying that they are on much better terms.


Groose has had a crush on Zelda for a long time and often bullies Link because he is close friends with her. Zelda does not seem to reciprocate these feelings and seems to be irritated with the way that he treats Link but he never seems to give up on winning her heart. Groose tries everything he can to win the wing ceremony so that he can be on the statue with her but Link ends up winning. Shortly afterwards, Zelda is snatched to the surface. Groose goes into a depression and blames Link for the event.

Groose eventually follows Link to the surface. He tries to find Zelda's location and is upset when he is told that he has a role to play but will not be the one to save her. However, Groose eventually pulls himself together and helps Link fight the Imprisoned. He is also there to help save and protect Zelda when Demise is revived. After the demon king is defeated, Groose returns to the sky while Zelda and Link stay on the surface, but they wave goodbye to each other and are seemingly on better terms.


Groose is a rather popular Zelda character. He does receive some hate for attempting to sabotage Link at the beginning of the game and his pretentious attitude. However, some find Groose to funny and interesting for this reason. Many especially feel that he had a lot of character development within the game as he went from being a bully to a very important ally to Link.


  • The feathers on Groose's loftwing are styled in a similar manner to his hair.