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Groolink is a Slash ship between Link and Groose in The Legend of Zelda series.


Link and Groose start out as rivals. This is because of the fact that Groose has a crush on Zelda while she is close friends with Link. Before the Wing Ceremony, Groose captures Link's loftwing in hopes of preventing him from winning but this fails when the ceremony is delayed and Link wins anyway. Zelda is later captured and taken to the surface. Groose becomes depressed and initially blames Link for this event.

Groose later follows Link to the surface in hopes of finding Zelda. Link and Impa explain everything to Groose and he is upset to learn that Link is the destined hero and not him. He laments over his uselessness for a while but eventually builds the Groosenator in order to help Link fight the Imprisoned. When Zelda finally wakes up, Groose happily shakes Link and helps him with the final battle when Demise is revived. After the final battle, Groose returns to the sky and waves goodbye to Link.


Groolink has a decent following in the Zelda fandom and is one of the more popular slash ships. It is not as popular as Zelink or even some other slash ships such as GhiraLink. However, Groolink still has its fans. While Groose used to bully Link and had an obvious crush on Zelda, he eventually begins to respect Link more and ends up helping him out. Some fans ship them together because of this.


  • Groose has a punching bag in his room that has a poor drawing of Link's face on it.