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It’s hard for me to trust people. But I trusted you
—Lisa to Cisco

Goldenvibe is the het ship between Cisco Ramon and Lisa Snart on CW series The Flash.


Lisa flirts with Cisco to capture him in order for the trio of her, Captain Cold and Heatwave to blackmail Cisco into revealing Barry's identity, aided by their kidnapping of his brother, Dante. Though Cisco comically apologises to Snart for kissing his sister, Snart addresses her in disbelief and she implies that she likes Cisco.


As Lisa commonly shares flirtatious banter with Cisco, the ship has gained mild popularity. The kiss that the two shared was also well received. It is one of the most popular ships with Cisco and rivals Hawkvibe, Snow Vibe and Barrisco. This ship gained popularity after the introduction of Lisa Snart, who flirts with Cisco in her first appearance. In fanfiction, this pair is commonly introduced alongside ColdFlash fanfiction. Popular tropes with this pairing include the introduction of Earth-2 Lisa, fluffy and smut works or flirtatious banter between both of them.



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Smart is sexy, Cisco
—Lisa Snart


  • The ship name, Goldenvibe, is named after Cisco and Lisa's codenames: Vibe and Golden Glider respectively.


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