Golden Sun is a video gameseries for the Gameboy Advance.


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Golden Sun begins with your protagonist (Isaac) awakening in storm, hearing that his hometown of Vale is threatened by a massive boulder. Isaac's mother gives an example of the game's 'magic', known as Psyenergy, as she uses it to get your coat as you leave the house. You can't use it just yet.

After a prologue takes you through this event, lets you recruit a friend (Garet)and shows the game's basic mechanics, only to end in the boulder falling and you hapless to save another friend (Felix) as they are dragged away along with your father and the friend's parents. They disappear down the river, never to be seen again. You are left to find help, leaving Felix's sister Jenna grieving the loss of her family on the bank of the river. In an attempt to reach Vale's plaza, where most of the evacuated villagers are huddled for safety, you run into two creepy dragon-people who attack you. You, at level one, don't stand a chance. You lose, and they get away while you're unconscious.

Three years Later..... The game picks up again three years later. Isaac and Garet have both been practicing Psyenergy for these years, hoping they can do better if something like the Boulder ever comes again.


  • Mudshipping: Isaac/Mia
  • Valeshipping: Isaac/Jenna
  • LighthouseShipping: Felix/Sheba
  • Windshipping: Ivan/Sheba
  • Steamshipping: Garet/Mia
  • Flameshipping: Garet/Jenna

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