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Ginger is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is an actress who works for Varrick.


Het Ships

Canon Relationships


It is unknown if Ginger ever actually liked Bolin. She was cast as the love interest to the character that he was playing in the Adventures of Nuktuk: The Hero of the South. Bolin quickly began to take an interest in her. Ginger, however, did not return his feelings and said that he was confusing her with her character. Still, Bolin would not give up and kept trying to win her over. Eventually, a bunch of waterbenders attempted to kidnap President Raiko so Bolin fought them off. Ginger shouted out for him to be careful and was impressed by his performance. Afterwards, she referred to Bolin as her boyfriend and told him that they were a couple before kissing him in front of the cameras. However, it did not seem that they were actually dating as Bolin briefly got back to together with Eska soon afterwards.


Ginger is not a highly popular character in the Legend of Korra series because she is a minor character. When she was first introduced, some shipper her with Varrick. When Bolin started to hit on her, many found the ship involving them to be odd. It was especially found to be weird when Ginger finally referred to them as a couple only for Bolin to relapse with Eska. Ginger was not seen after Book Two until Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding. Many fans laughed at the fact that she was important enough to sit in the front row.


  • Ginger is the first known character in the universe to have dyed her hair.

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