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Ghirahim is a character in The Legend of Zelda series. He is the sword spirit of Demise's sword and works to resurrect him.


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Ghirahim and Link are enemies. This is due to the fact that he is trying to revive the demon king Demise while Link is trying to prevent this. Ghirahim is also attempting to capture Zelda who happens to be a close friend of the hero and sacrifice her in order to revive Demise. The two encounter each other and fight three times throughout Skyward Sword. While Ghirahim eventually succeeds in reviving Demise, Link defeats him and Ghirahim disappears.


Ghirahim is a very popular Zelda character despite the fact that he only appears in one canon game. His flamboyant and overconfident personality draws a lot of attention to him. Some fans like to theorize that he was eventually reincarnated as Vaati in the same manner that Demise was reincarnated as Ganon. Ghirahim is often shipped with Fi due to the fact that they are both sword spirits. However, he is also popular with slash ships and is often shipped with Link or Zant.


  • Ghirahim seems to be the polar opposite of Fi. The two are both sword spirits.