GhiraZel is a Het ship between Ghirahim and Zelda in The Legend of Zelda series.

Canon Relationship

Ghirahim and Zelda are enemies. He creates a tornado in an attempt to capture her but she manages to escape thanks to Impa. Ghirahim clashes with the hero Link multiple times as the latter is attempting to rescue the maiden. It turns out that she is needed in order to revive the demon lord Demise. Ghirahim eventually manages to sacrifice Zelda in order to revive his master Demise. However, Link manages to defeat them and Zelda's soul is restored.


GhiraZel is a slightly popular Zelda ship but is not as popular as other Zelda or Ghirahim ships in Skyward Sword. It is considered to be an enemy ship and is usually shipped because of the "opposites attract" belief. Many are amused by the fact that Ghirahim avidly pursues Zelda and interrupts her reunion with Link. GhiraZel is commonly shipped along with Link pairings besides Zelink in order to give Link a love interest.