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GhiraLink is a Slash ship between Link and Ghirahim in The Legend of Zelda series.


Link and Ghirahim are enemies. Ghirahim attempts to capture Zelda but this fails because Impa intervenes. He attempts to chase after the spirit maiden and encounters Link in the Skyview Temple who manages to defeat him. Ghirahim vents his whole plan to Link and almost manages to catch them at the Temple of Time until the hero stabs him from behind. The evil sword spirit is very angered and decides that he wants to dispose of Link.

Ghirahim and Link continue to run into each other. At one point, Ghirahim offers to spare Link's life if he reveals the location of the second gate of time but the hero refuses. He later manages to abduct Zelda and revive Demise. Ghirahim reveals his true form during the ritual and fights Link at full power but is still defeated. However, this turns out to be a ruse in order to give the ritual to revive Demise time to finish.


GhiraLink is a rather popular ship and is one of the more popular slash ship in the Zelda fandom. This is likely due to Ghirahim attitudes towards Link in the game.

At their meeting at the fire sanctuary Ghirahim implies that they keep meeting because they must be bound by the thread of fate [1], which he later claims to be drenched in red because of his blood.

Ghirahim has the attitude as well of invading Link personal space, by appearing behind him and speaking to him closely like at their very first meeting at the skyview temple.

Some fans believe that is only due Ghirahim's loyalty towards his Master, Demise, that he can't perceive Link in another way but an enemy.


  • Some fans theorize that Ghirahim was later reincarnated as Vaati in a similar manner to Demise being reincarnated as Ganondorf. If this is the case, then GhiraLink would be connected to the Vaalink ship.

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