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Ghazan is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He was an earthbender and lavabender of the Red Lotus until he killed himself in an attempt to take Mako and Bolin down with him.


Het Ships

Slash Ships

  • Ghazeer - Ghazan and Zaheer

Canon Relationships

Ghazan does not have any known canon relationships in the series. However, there is a possibility that he was romantically involved with Ming-Hua. Bolin made up some stories about him and one of them involved him having an unspoken attraction between him and Ming-Hua. Ghazan commented that two of the three stories that he made up were correct. When Ghazan helped rescue Ming-Hua from prison, she commented about seeing his "ugly mug" and he replied that it was nice to see her too. After realizing that Mako killed her, Ghazan committed suicide in an attempt to bring him down along with Bolin.


Ghazan is a popular character because he is a member of the Red Lotus which is considered by many to be the best group of villains in the series. He is also the first major lavabender to be seen so many fans find him to be amazing. Ghazan is mostly shipped with Ming-Hua. This especially became the case after Bolin teased the possibility of them being a couple.


  • Ghazan was the first known non-avatar to lavabend.
  • It is known that Ghazan started to grow his mustache at age ten but it is unknown which of Bolin's other stories is true.

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