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GaNabooru is a Het ship between Ganondorf and Nabooru in The Legend of Zelda series. It mainly applies to Ocarina of Time as that is the only game in which Nabooru makes an appearance.


Ganondorf and Nabooru are both members of the Gerudo race with the former being the only male as only one man is born per century. Nabooru also seems to be a high-ranking Gerudo but was forced to accept Ganon as her leader since that was the rules of their race. However, she quickly decides to turn against Ganondorf because of his evil ways. The Gerudo king stole from women and children and even killed which Nabooru found to be very dishonorable, even by Gerudo standards.

Nabooru decides to sneak into the Spirit Temple in order to interfere with Ganondorf's plans but quickly realizes that she needs the Silver Gauntlets which she cannot reach. Link then arrives so Nabooru gives him the task of retrieving the gauntlets for her after he states that he is an enemy of Ganon. However, as soon as the hero obtains the gauntlets, two witches who are working for the evil king capture Nabooru and brainwash her, forcing her to work as an Iron Knuckle for him. Seven years later, Link manages to rescue her and she awakens as the spirit sage. Nabooru then uses her powers to help Link defeat Ganondorf and seal him away.


GaNabooru has a decent amount of popularity among the Zelda fans. Despite the fact that the two ended up being enemies, Nabooru did work for Ganondorf for seven long years while she was brainwashed. Koume and Kotake even commented on how loyal she was while she was serving him. Many fans headcanon that the two were married or at least engaged at one point since Nabooru is a high-ranking Gerudo.


  • In the fan-made game Hyrule Total War, Nabooru is married to Ganondorf.