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Fourtris is the het ship between Beatrice "Tris" Prior and Tobias "Four" Eaton from the Divergent fandom.



Four first meets Tris, formerly known as Beatrice, when she is the first transfer initiate to jump off a building unknowingly into the net in the Dauntless entrance on the day of her Choosing Ceremony. It becomes evident very quickly that Four has some sort of feelings for Tris when he walks out of the training room when Tris is unfairly paired up to fight with fellow initiate Peter who is much stronger than her. In addition, on the night of the capture the flag game, Four accompanies Tris as she climbs up the ferris wheel so he can be sure that she is not hurt even though one of his only fears is heights. Four continually tries to help Tris through her Dauntless training, and she begins to develop feelings for him as they interact with each other. Eventually they become a couple, and Four is adamant that he will protect Tris no matter what the cost is to him.


Fourtris is the most popular ship in the Divergent series. It is the central romance of all three books in the trilogy, so it is the most supported by the fandom. Since the first book was released, Fourtris remained a popular ship throughout the book fandoms. This ship gained more interest after the film adaptation was released. Fanfiction commonly written about this pairing includes alternative endings to Allegiant.



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