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FitzWard is a slash ship between Leo Fitz and Grant Ward in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. series.


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FitzWard gained some popularity in the fandom before the events of Ward's betrayal and H.Y.D.R.A. However, after Season 2, the popularity of this ship decreased because of Ward's attempt to kill Fitz. This attempt also lead to Fitz's brain damage. Many fans refuse to accept FitzWard because of these events.

However, many fans continue to ship FitzWard because Ward does slightly regret attempting to kill Fitz. Before Season 2, this ship was more popular with various fanart and fanfiction produced on this ship. Many depicted their small rivalry and arguments leading to eventual romance. FitzWard is sometimes appreciated because of the relationship between the two actors with Iain in particular as he wanted Brent Dalton's physique and to be him for a day. However, after Season 1, FitzWard's popularity declined with many fans expressing dislike for the pairing.

Most fanfiction with this ship tends to be based before the events of Ward's betrayal or an AU fanfiction. Soulmate AU are also pouplar with this ship.


  • An appreciation week for FitzWard was held between August 9th 2015 and August 15th 2015.

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