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Finnrey is the het pairing between Finn and Rey from the Star Wars fandom.


The Force Awakens

After Finn end up on Jakku, he makes his way to the small trading post, where he see's BB-8 and Rey. Some scavengers try and take BB-8, and before Finn can go over to help, Rey beats off the two, and saves BB-8 on her own, while Finn looks on clearly impressed.

BB-8 spots Finn and tells Rey, thinking that he had attacked Poe and taken his jacket. Rey chases him down and confronts him, knocking him into the sand in the process. Finn then tells her and BB-8 how he had rescued Poe, but that he didn't make it. Rey then comes to the conclusion that Finn is part of the resistance. Finn not wanting to reveal his identity as a former stormtrooper, lies and tells her that he is part of the resistance. Rey is clearly impressed.

Finn is really protective of Rey.

Finn is worried about Rey and wants to rescue her.

Finn and Rey fight Kylo Ren together.

When Kylo Ren pushes Rey against the tree Finn is worried about her.

Before Rey leaves to find Luke Skywalker, she kisses Finn on the forehead as he lies in a coma.


The Force Awakens

“You looked at me like no one ever had.”
—Finn to Rey.
“Where's Rey?”
—Finn showing concern.
“No! No! REY!”
—Finn, after Rey is abducted by Kylo Ren.
Han Solo“How do you know how to disable the shields?”
Finn“I don't. I'm just here to get Rey.”
―Han and Finn trying to get into the base.
Han Solo“You sure you're up for this?”
Finn“Hell no. I'll go in and try to find Rey.”
―Han and Finn inside the base.


  • The official @starwars Twitter account posted a gif of Rey and Finn dancing on Crait together with the caption "We know".
  • John Boyega the actor who portrays Finn, was once asked whom he would like to see Finn end up with between Rey and Rose and he replied “personally Rey, yeah, Rey”
  • John Boyega ships Finnrey as he said at ComicCon that he wants Finn and Rey to stay together since they first started together
  • Daisy Ridley, Rey’s actor once posted finnrey fanart where they’re holding hands on her Instagram page for John’s birthday and stated she liked the picture.



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