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Filink is a Het ship between Link and Fi in The Legend of Zelda series.


Fi first appears to Link a dream to foretell him of his destiny. After Zelda is forcibly taken to the surface, she guides Link to the Goddess Sword and is able to guide him on a journey to the surface. Fi refers to Link as "master" and gives him advice whenever he needs it. Link later defeats the demon Demise and seals him in the Master Sword. Fi tells him to return the Master Sword and end their relationship because her mission to aid him is over. However, she later appears to him to say goodbye thank him for the happiness that she felt before falling into an endless sleep. This is the first time that Fi shows emotion.


Filink has a decent amount of popularity as a Zelda ship. It is not as popular as Zelink which is considered to be semi-canon in Skyward Sword. Some fans also find Fi to be very annoying as she states the obvious many times and also seems robotic and emotionless for the majority of the game. However, Fi finally shows genuine emotion towards Link in the end which amuses many fans. Many fans see this as a sign that she fell in love with him.


  • There is a theory that Fi eventually became Navi who was later confirmed to have a crush on Link.