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Well in my experience anything locked can be hacked, usually by me
—Felicity to Nyssa

Felicity Smoak is a main character on CW series Arrow and a part of the Arrowverse.


Felicity is a kind-hearted, brilliant scientist, who spent her youth as a hacktivist, which she quit after her boyfriend at the time was arrested. She is arguably at genius-level, which is paired with an innate social awkwardness and tendency to delve into work rather than social engagements. This all changes when Felicity becomes a part of Team Arrow as Overwatch and forms lifelong bonds with her comrades-in-arms Green Arrow, Spartan, Black Canary and Speedy, among many others. Felicity is considered an invaluable part of the team and in many instances provides a reality-check balance to Oliver, as she is one of few who do not falter in the face of his dismay.



Caitlicity — the ship between Caitlin Snow and Felicity
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Barricity — the ship between Barry Allen and Felicity
Colicity - the ship between John Constantine and Felicity
Delicity - the ship between John Diggle and Felicity
Flommy - the ship between Tommy Merlyn and Felicity
Harricity — the ship between Harry Wells and Felicity
Heatwatch — the ship between Mick Rory and Felicity
Olicity — the ship between Felicity and Oliver Queen
Raylicity — the ship between Felicity and Ray Palmer
Rolicity — the ship between Roy Harper and Felicity
Steelwatch — the ship between Nate Heywood and Felicity
Vibewatch — the ship between Cisco Ramon and Felicity


Smoaking Canarrow - the ship between Felicity, Sara Lance and Oliver Queen


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Best. Team-up. Ever!



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  • She is Jewish
  • She was able to successfully create a single small solar device capable of powering an entire building.
  • It's been teased several times that she has her own company called "Smoak technologies" in the distant future
  • she is a STEM prodigy