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Eska is a character in The Legend of Korra series. She is a princess and later chief of the Northern Water Tribe along with her twin brother Desna. Eska is also a waterbender and was once the girlfriend of Bolin.


Het Ships

  • Boleska - Eska and Bolin
  • Makeska - Eska and Mako

Canon Relationships


Eska first met Bolin when he approached her to hit on her. She immediately hissed at him but decided to date him anyway because she found him to be amusing. However, Eska did seem to genuinely like Bolin. However, she used him as a servant which he quickly became fed up with. Eska froze Bolin and threatened him whenever he attempted to break up with her. He eventually got her admit that they were growing apart so she decided that they were getting married. However, Bolin later ran away and left Eska at the altar. She attempted to chase him and was very heartbroken.

Eska encountered Bolin during Harmonic Convergence when he was trying to block Unalaq out of the Spirit World. She and Desna managed to subdue him and Mako. However, Bolin started crying and admitted that he still loved her and was just scared from before. Eska kissed him before freeing him and Mako. She later decided to help him fight off the dark spirits. After the battle, Bolin offered to let her and Desna go to Republic City with him but she refused because she now had a responsibility to her tribe. They both admitted that they were caught up in the moment and Eska said that she would always remember him fondly.


Eska was a highly anticipated character before Book Two even aired. Her name was not initially revealed even though her brother Desna was. When it was shown that there would be a character named Opal, some fans thought that this was her name. However, her name turned out to be Eska. Some fans began to ship her with Bolin. This especially became the case when screenshots of them interacting were released. It turned out that Eska was his love interest.

As soon as Book Two premiered, a lot fans liked Eska. They found her to be funny with the way she treated Bolin. However, they soon felt like it got out of hand when Eska became very possessive and tried to force Bolin into marriage. Some fans were impressed when she disobeyed her father in order to save Desna and hoped that she would eventually switch sides. This turned out to be the case during the finale and many were happy when she briefly reconciled with Bolin. Eska did not have many appearances after Book Two. Many fans were disappointed while others mostly forgot about her.


  • Eska being a princess and girlfriend of the comic-relief character Bolin is similar to Princess Yue and Sokka except that she does not die.

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