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Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the Attack on Titan series. He is a member of the Survey Corps from Shiganshina who lost his home and parents and is also a titan shifter.


Het Ships

  • Ereannie - Eren and Annie
  • EreKuri - Eren and Krista
  • Eremika - Eren and Mikasa

Slash Ships

  • EreJean - Eren and Jean
  • Eremin - Eren and Armin
  • Ereri - Eren and Levi


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This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. It is most likely that Eren will end up with Mikasa Ackerman or Historia Reiss (a.k.a. Krista Lenz). (Personally, I want him to be with Mikasa, but I'm being realistic here, though I may be bias as well, sorry.)

Though it's possible Eren may end up eating Historia, this may lead to him confessing or falling in love with her out of sorrow.

However, when Mikasa had tried to kiss him and he avoided it, it wasn't because he didn't love her or didn't want to, but because Mikasa was preparing to give in to death and Eren felt that kissing her would be equivalent to giving in as well. Now what I'm about to say depends on the reader's interpretation, but in both the manga and anime, the expression Eren gave Mikasa after pulling away from the kiss was one that could have been viewed as not just regular determination, but one of determination for Mikasa's individual safety,as he also stood very protectively in front of her. he also claims that he will wrap the scarf he had given her around her forever. This line is often missed, but when you think about it, with his hard-headed personality, it could be his way of telling her that he returns the romantic feelings. It is possible that the two chose not to acknowledge this part for the rest of the series because they felt that it would distract them from their goals, as both show little akcowledgment to their deep personal emotions about things in general and only do what would help them defeat the enemy.

Eren doesn't show any romantic feelings towards Historia exactly, but simply a caring friendship bond. he doesn't want to have to eat her to activate the power of the founding Titan, but Eren is caring for all his friends and family in general, so if it was anyone else close to him, he would still be reluctant. However, there are times when Eren and Historia are having talks with just the two of them, one being where Mikasa interrupts with a dull expression on her face. The later may have actually been an act of jealousy of Mikasa seeing a romantic relationship developing between them. Also, it is official that Ymir and Historia would had ended up together is Ymir hadn't died, so Historia would unlikely return the feelings to Eren even if he does have a thing for her.

But throughout the series as a whole, Eren and Mikasa have moments which add up to a higher possibility of them adding up together. First of all, they grew up as close childhood friends and second, they have had moments where more emotions are put into their words for each other, other than just plain honesty like the conversations eren and Historia have together. Though Mikasa and Eren tend to argue, mostly about his wellbeing and Mikasa acting like a total smother-mother over him, it may end up as one of those relationships where they start start out as close but always fighting to one where they come to feel deep affection for each other. Also, Eren eventually grows independent from Mikasa, though little, if not none, is shown of them interacting with each other after developing this new relationship.

Some say that Mikasa doesn't have romantic feelings for eren, but it seems she obviously does because she blushed when he was called her boyfriend, and she hurriedly responded stating that he was family, along with small acts of what can be viewed as jealousy, such as when she had interrupted Eren and Historia's conversation. She is obviously protective of him, and most obviously: she tries to kiss him. What I personally believe is that if Eren hadn't avoided the kiss, the two would have officicially and definitely ended up as an unquestionable couple.

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