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Emma Swan is the protagonist of ABC adventure series Once Upon A Time.



Captain Swan — the ship between Emma and Captain Hook
Golden Swan — the ship between Emma and Rumplestiltskin
Frankenswan — the ship between Emma and Victor Frankenstein
Gremma — the ship between Emma and Graham Huntsman
Mad Swan — the ship between Emma and Jefferson
Swan Cricket — the ship between Emma and Jiminy Cricket
SwanFire — the ship between Emma and Baelfire
Wooden Swan — the ship between Emma and Pinocchio


Brave Swan — the ship between Emma and Merida
Fairy Swan — the ship between Emma and Tinkerbell
Frozen Swan — the ship between Emma and Elsa
Star Swan — the ship between Emma and Lily Page
Swan Beauty — the ship between Emma and Belle French
Swan Queen — the ship between Emma and Regina Mills


Charming Family — the ship between Emma, Snow White, Prince Charming, Henry Mills and Prince Neal
Daddy Charming — the ship between Emma and Prince Charming


Graham Humbert/Huntsman

Main article: Gremma


Main article: SwanFire

Emma and Neal met 11 years before the events of Season 2 when they stole the same car. The two fell in love and decided to move to Tallahassee and have a new life there. However, their plan was interrupted by August Booth, who told Neal about Emma's true identity. Emma ended up in jail and gave birth to a son. The son was adopted by Regina Mills, who named him Henry. Neal wasn't aware of his son.

Emma and Neal met again 11 years after Henry's birth. They still had feelings for each other, but they didn't admit them because Neal had a fiancé called Tamara. However, when Tamara turned out to be evil and sent Neal to another realm, the two told each other that they loved each other. Neal and Emma reunited afterwards but they didn't get back together. Emma was in a love triangle involving Neal and Hook.

Captain Hook

Main article: Captain Swan

Hook started to have feelings for Emma during Season 3. At first, they were in a love triangle. When Neal died, Emma ended up with Hook.


Regina Mills

Main article: Swan Queen

August Booth

Main article: Wooden Swan





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