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Lyla“Johnny. You came for me”
John“Always have, always will”
―Russian gulag[1]

Dyla is the het ship between John and Lyla from the Arrow fandom.


Lyla and Dig were stationed together in Afghanistan and married there, but got divorced upon returning to the U.S. when readjusting to civilian life. Diggle returned for his 3rd tour in Afghanistan started while Lyla came to work for A.R.G.U.S. as an agent.


In the Spring, After Diggle and Team Arrow have learned Deadshot's real name, Dig decides to relay that information to Lyla at A.R.G.U.S., knowing Deadshot is on their radar and Lyla's impressed as the agency has never been able to get his name. She and John seem to sporadically kept in touch since their divorce, as John feels he can relay this information and also get intel at times from A.R.G.U.S. as one of his military contacts. They also seem to still care for one another and have an ease in their relationship despite having divorced. Lyla is also flirtatious with Dig when she sees him.

Shortly after, as a curtesy Lyla lets Dig know that they are setting a trap for Deadshot and Diggle decides to take his chance at avenging his brother's murder. Oliver decides to make this his quest as well, but fails to back Diggle up in the moment and Dig ends up face to face with Deadshot when he attacks the agents, Diggle having blown their cover. Lyla is furious with John, asserting that she won't hesitate to have agents keep him from their missions.

In the Autumn, things seemed to have cooled as John meets up with Lyla to get intel on the military weapons circulating in Starling City. As per usual Lyla is flirty and they talk about how Dig's relationship with Carly (who he doesn't mention) didn't work out. He does mention it's because of Deadshot and Lyla makes a joke about it, in a rough rapport way that is often associated among law enforcement. As John leaves, Lyla makes a point of letting him know that she's not attached either.


After some time has passed, John is suddenly abducted by Amanda Waller, in what turns out to be a plea for him to retrieve Lyla, who has gone missing in Russia following a trail on Deadshot. John immediately leaves for Russia, but not before telling Oliver who insists on accompanying him and helping out. Once they arrive, Dig is introduced to Anatoly, whose contacts enable them to get Diggle into the gulag where Lyla's held. Getting himself into a fight in the gulag, in order for Anatoly's inside man to release him John suddenly comes face to face with Deadshot.


Russian escape

In spite of his anger and the opportunity to take him out, John has to bring Lawton along in order to get to Lyla in time — and Deadshot happens to know where she is. They find her and, although she's hazy, she insists they should stay to find Deadshot, showing how much John means to her, beyond her own safety. They leave with Lawton and escape safely together. Once they return home, Diggle tells Lyla that the reasons it didn't work out with Carly don't apply to her, because it's Lyla and they get back together.


John Diggle Jr.

Following Barry's decision to alter the timeline after his father's death, he returns to the original timeline to find that it, too, has been altered as time has set. This action has many consequences for the people around him on Team Flash and in his family, but also for John and Lyla. When Barry visits Felicity he discovers that his changing the timeline has resulted in Diggle now having a son, instead of a daughter.

Sara Diggle

In Autumn 2014 John and Lyla have a baby girl that they name Sara in honour of Sara Lance after her then recent death. They are incredibly happy, but Diggle also worries a lot about vigilante life and the risks he and Lyla take in their respective fields.


“It might be safer, but it's not better. The woman I love could never do this; Lyla, this job has changed you”
—Dig on A.R.G.U.S.



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