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Dinlink is the het ship between Link and Din from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Oracle of Seasons

Link meets Din after he first ends up in Holodrum. He wakes up and finds her dancing with a traveling dance troupe which is actually a group of royal servants from Hyrule in disguise. After waking up, Link learns that Din is quite taken with him. When he approaches her, Din is happy to see him awake and gets him to dance with her. Afterwards, the evil general Onox arrives and captures her. Link learns from Impa that she is actually the Oracle of Seasons. Link later gathers the Essences of Nature and manages to save Din from Onox. She thanks him and suggests that they dance again.

Minish Cap

Link can encounter Din inside of the Happy Hearth Inn along with Nayru and Farore. It turns out that she traveled to Hyrule from Holodrum and is staying at the inn until she can find a home. If Link fuses certain Kinstones, he can show Din to one of two houses for her to rent. If he does so, she will be thankful and give Link a charm to temporarily increase his strength if he visits her. However, if Link shows both Farore and Nayru to the homes instead, Din will stay alone at the inn forever and will not offer the charm to Link.


Dinlink has a decent amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. It stems from Din's obvious crush on Link and the fact that the two danced together. The oracle games are sometimes overlooked and this pairing is not nearly as popular as other pairings such as Zelink or Midlink. However, it is one of the more popular pairings from the oracle games. It sometimes rivals Nayrink although Nayru is often shipped with Ralph and also rivals Zelink.


  • Din tries to admit something to Link but does not finish what she wants to say.