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Digimon Xros Wars is a Digimon anime TV series.


Taiki gets sucked into the Digital World. He becomes the general of Xros Heart army including his partner Shoutmon and other Digimon. He finds himself fighting against the Bagra Army lead by Emperor Bagramon and his three head officers Tactimon, Lilithmon, and Blastmon. He also finds himself at odds with Blue Flare lead by Kiriha. All three groups are fighting over the Crown Codes of each zone of the Digital World which will allow the holders to rule the Digital World. Also a girl named Nene commands Twilight army but her goals are unclear.

Darkknightmon became a member of Nene's Team Twilight as a scheme to awaken the Darkness Loader which would allow him to force fusions with others.

When the last Crown Code is collected by Taiki, Bagramon snatches them all and through a series of events, Taiki and co are sent to the real world.

Once they get back Bagramon has reformed the Digital World into several "lands". They eventually get to Bagramon after fighting through several of Bagramon's new Death Generals and saving Nene's brother Yuu that Darkknightmon had been working with.

Bagramon then initiates his D5 plan to conquer all time and space. Darkknightmon back-stabs Bagramon and uses the Darkness Loader to absorb him but Bagramon double-back-stabs Darkknightmon and absorbs him instead becoming Darknessbagramon.

Shoutmon has to fuse with almost all the Digimon in the Digital World to become Shoutmon X7 Superior Mode to defeat Darknessbagramon.

A few years later an overly hyperactive boy named Tagiru is friends with Taiki and Yuu. An old guy recruits them him to become a Digimon Hunter. Digimon Hunters capture wild Digimon that have come into the real world through distortions known as DigiQuartz. They are often in conflict with another team of Digimon Hunters consisting of Ryouma, Airu, and Ren.

At the last stages of the game, an old guy recruits Taichi, Daisuke, Takato, Takuya, and Masaru from alternate universes and reveals that the purpose of the game was to find a hero to wield the Brave Snatcher which would be powered by the seven heroes. The Brave Snatcher is needed to defeat Quartzmon who created the DigiQuartz and planned to eradicate humanity.

Ryouma wins the contest and gets the Brave Snatcher, but is revealed to be under Quartzmon's control. Tagiru manages to get the Brave Snatcher from him and defeats Quartzmon.