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Digimon Tamers is a Digimon TV series and movie series.


Digimon Tamers TV series

Takato creates a Digimon called Guilmon. He meets Jianliang who has a Terriermon as a Digimon partner. They have to stop Ruki and partner Renamon that wants to hunt other Digimon for sport (they later make friends with her), and a Digimon called Impmon who starts causing trouble, a secret government program called Hypnos run by Yamato, whose job is to contain Digimon but they keep failing.

Some stronger Digimon called the Deva appear and Takato, Jianliang, and Ruki work together to combat them. Hirokazu and Kenta join the group. Juri gets a Digimon partner called Leomon.

The Devas capture Calumon and take him to the Digital World after wrecking the Hypnos and much of the city. The Tamers go to the Digital World. After roughing it they get separated with Takato, Jianliang, and Juri in one group and Ruki, Hirokazu, and Kenta on the other team.

The latter team meets with Ryo. Jianliang's little sister Shaochung also ends up in the Digital World and befriends a Deva.

Impmon arrives in the Digital World too and makes a patch with the Deva who evolve him to Beelzebumon. Beelzebumon eventually kills Juri's Leomon causing her to go into a depression and Takato gets annoyed and this causes Guilmon to evolve into Megidramon who goes on a rampage. This risks the Digital World being destroyed. Beelzebumon eventually begins to beat Megidramon. Then Takato does a proper evolution and fuses with Guilmon to become Dukemon and defeats Beelzebumon. Dukemon was about to execute Beelzebumon but Juri stops him saying she didn't want anyone else to die.

Beelzebumon goes off and lets some other Digimon fight him up so he can devolve back to Impmon.

The rest go to confront the Devas leader Zhuqiaomon, who is one of the Four Holy Beasts, but he doesn't listen and attacks them. Another member of the Four Holy Beasts, Qinglongmon, appears and stops the fight because they need to be ready to fight the D-Reaper. It is revealed that the Digimon's power to evolve was made into Calumon. They release Calumon's energy.

The Four Holy Beasts send the Tamers back home feeling that they don't need them anymore. But Juri had been switched out with a fake at some point by the D-Reaper.

But part of the D-Reaper comes to the real world. It takes the combined efforts of the Tamers, Hypnos, and the Four Holy Beasts to bring it down and save the real Juri.

Digimon Tamers: The Adventurers' Battle movie

megamon is chasing a Mephismon that formed from the remains of an Apocalymon. But Mephismon escapes to another reality.

In the real world, Takato is visiting his cousin Kai. They meet up with Jianliang briefly. Takato later saves a girl named Minami who was being attacked by wild Digimon. She was running from VP Laboratories where her father was creating a V-Pet program. The original V-pet is on Minami's computer. Shiisamon appears from her computer and helps Takato's Guilmon fight but Minami is still captured.

They head to VP Laboratories and Omegamon sends Jianliang and Ruki there too. The president of VP Laboratories turns out to be Mephismon in disguise and is spreading viruses that are turning into the wild Digimon.

They battle Mephismon but are losing. Shiisamon is badly injured and devolves into Labramon. Minami speaks his name which is also the code to activate the anti-virus build into him which deletes the viruses.

Mephismon evolves into Gulfmon but they all combine their powers to defeat him.

Digimon Tamers: The Runaway Digimon Express movie

The other Tamers plan to throw Ruki a surprise birthday party but she finds out. A wild train-like Digimon named Locomon appears and causes havoc on the train tracks. The Tamers board the train.

Yamaki takes control of the train station and diverts the track to send Locomon back to the Digital World.

It is revealed that Locomon is being controlled by Parasimon. Also, Locomon evolves into Grandlocomon during a fight.

After that, Parasimon is destroyed a whole swarm appears. The group fights them but are outnumbered. Takato's determination causes Dukemon to evolve into Dukemon Crimson Mode who vanquishes all the Parasimon with one attack.


Many fans praised the darker atmosphere of Digimon Tamers and the greater emphases on character development. However, multiple fans didn't like the lack of previous characters from earlier seasons.



Jenruki - the ship betwee Jianliang and Ruki
Jurato - the ship between Takato and Juri
JuriLeo - the ship betwee Leomon and Juri
Rukato - the ship betwee Takato and Ruki
Rukikazu - the ship betwee Hirokazu and Ruki
Ryuki - the ship betwee Ryo and Ruki


Hirota - the ship betwee Hirokazu and Kenta
Jenkato - the ship betwee Jianliang and Takato
Ryozu - the ship betwee Ryo and Hirokazu
Takazu - the ship betwee Hirokazu and Takato


Juki - the ship betwee Ruki and Juri