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Digimon Savers is an anime series and the fifth installment of the Digimon frachise.


Digimon Saved TV series

A government organization called Digital Accident Tactics Squad (DATS) polices any Digimon that is not a member of it and returns them to the Digital World. Thoma and Yoshino, and their Digimon partners Gaomon and Lalamon, are members of this organization. A street fighter, Masaru fights an Agumon before befriending him. DATS is about to send the Agumon back but after witnessing them fight Agumon they allow them to become DATS members instead.

As Wild Digimon were being influenced by human emotions, the trio is sent on missions to return them to the Digital World. Sometime later Masaru's sister Chika finds a Digiegg. It hatches into Piyomon. A Falcomon appears and tries to take Piyomon back to the Digital World. They are about to fight the Falcomon but then Mercurymon shows up and defeats them instead.

Mercurymon takes Piyomon—who had been reverted to a Digiegg during the battle—back to the Digital World. He attempts to keep her from hatching because of Chika's influence on her, but fails and returns to the real world in a confused state and wreaks havoc. DATs defeats her and detects Mercurymon's influence and thinks he sent her to attack. They go to the Digital World to confront him and are met with Ikuto, a boy who thinks he is a Digimon and hates other humans. They confront Mercurymon but he's still too strong and tells them humans slaughtered a large number of Digimon. They escape back to the real world where Ikuto and Falcomon are brought along for the ride.

Masaru also learns that his father, Suguru, was a member of the Digital World Exploration Party that had gone to the Digital World years previously and vanished.

A Digimon called Gottsumon who also worked for Mercurymon, ordered Mercurymon to send him to the real world under the pretense of saving Ikuto and Falcomon, but instead tried to kill them. Masaru and companions save them. A fanatic Digimon called Saberleomon then invades the real world with an army intent on wiping out humanity. He is beaten by a strange Digimon and his Digiegg explodes preventing him from being reborn.

Masaru and co go the Digital World accompanied by Kurata. They are ambushed by Gottsumon who evolves into Insekimon but they defeat him. They meet Mercurymon again and almost fight him, but Ikuto and Falcomon arrive and stop them. Then Kurata has a fake Digimon call Gizmon takes down Mercurymon with a sneak attack. Kurata states that he plans to kill all Digimon. They manage to defeat the Gizmon but Kurata escapes.

When they return Kurata has them branded as traitors. They get their memories erased. Their Digimon escape imprisonment and help restore their partner's memories. They head to the Digital World to stop Kurata. They get overwhelmed by a sheer number of Gizmon but they are saved by Bancholeomon who tells them to get stronger before leaving. They are then attacked by Kurata's henchmen Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan. However, they were defeated, but luckily escape and soon meet Bancholeomon again who teaches them Burst Mode so they can become stronger.

Next, they travel to the Holy Capital that is on Eldoradimon's back. They are attacked by Gizmon and Kouki, Nanami, and Ivan. They defeat them but fail to save Eldoradimon when it is transported to the real world and destroyed by many Gizmon.

Kurata then blackmails Thoma into fighting for him by offering to cure his younger sister Relena if he works for him. He fights Masaru which causes Masaru to unintentionally release his Digimon's Ruin Mode that runs wild before returning to a Digiegg. Kurata then releases Belphemon and wreaks havoc on the city for a bit. He declares that as the hero who helped stop the Digimon threat he should be king of the world and demands that all nations surrender to him or he will destroy them with Belphemon. Thoma betrays Kurata after he removes the bomb that Kurata was threatening his sister with during the surgery. He destroys the Digimon controller that he was controlling Kurata with. Kurata then fuses himself with Belphemon. After mastering Burst Mode, Masaru defeats him but as a last resort he damages the barrier between the real and Digital Worlds.

It becomes apparent that the two worlds will crash. The leader of the Digital World, Yggdrasill, ordered the real world to be destroyed to save the Digital World. They have to fight the Royal Knights sent by Yggdrasill. It is revealed that Yggdrasill is possessing Suguru's body and that Suguru is fused with Bancholeomon. They defeat many of the Royal Knights and other Royal Knights turn to their side. Yggdrasill appears in its real form and fights them but after seeing their fighting spirit it admits defeat and lays itself to rest. The Royal Knights are able to restore the barrier between the real and Digital World.

Digimon Savers The Movie: Ultimate Power! Activate Burst Mode!! movie

Algomon appears in the real world to put all humans to sleep. An individual named Rhythm, helps their Digimon wake them up. Towards the end, they defeat Algomon.


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