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Digimon Frontier is an anime series and the fourth installment of the Digimon series.


Digimon Frontier

Previously in the past of the Digital World, human-like Digimon fought against beast-like Digimon. The angel Lucemon came to restore peace to the Digital World. But Lucemon was corrupted by the power he held and his rule became a tyranny.

The Warrior Ten, each holding the power of one element, rose up and defeated Lucemon and separated his power into Cherubimon, Seraphimon, and Orphanimon and the spirits of the Warrior Ten were split between them.

But Cherubimon was the only beast-like of the three and soon began to feel that Seraphimon and Orphanimon only cared for the human-like Digimon. But he was corrupted and imprisoned Orphanimon and put Seraphimon into a deep sleep. He transformed four of spirits of the Warrior Ten into Grottomon (Earth), Ranamon (Water), Arbormon (Wood), and Mercuremon (Steel).

From inside her prison, Orphanimon is able to contact children in the real world via there cell phones to a magic train station where several train-like Digimon called Trailmon take them to the real world. Takuya, Kouji, Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki all answer and become the warriors of Fire, Light, Thunder, Wind, and Ice respectively. Also, Kouji has a brother named Kouichi and unbeknownst to him, Kouichi dies and becomes the warrior of darkness Duskmon working for Cherubimon.

Takuya, Kouji, Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki arrive in the Digital World and are soon greeted by Bokomon and Neemon, the latter of which explains that Cherubimon's followers are absorbing the data of the Digital World to power himself up causing parts of the world to disappear.

They first find human spirits to evolve to Digimon and later learn of Beast spirits that let them become stronger Digimon, but they have to learn to control it.

They eventually confront Grottomon and after getting beaten up by him, they take his Beast Spirit while making their way to the Forest Terminal at Orphanimon's instructions. There they find the sleeping Seraphimon. They wake him up with there Digivices but then Grottomon comes back with Ranamon, Arbormon, and Mercuremon who fight Seraphimon and take his code.

Takuya and his companions have to retreat for a bit but through a series of adventures they start beating the bad Legendary Warriors. They face Duskmon too and Kouji learns that he had a brother.

Takuya and Kouji learn the ability to double spirit evolve into stronger forms using both of their spirits. After freeing Kouichi and defeating the bad Legendary Warriors, they go to face Cherubimon. They meet Orphanimon and free her from her prison. She gives Takuya and Kouji the ability to Hyper Spirit Evolve using all ten spirits.

They beat Cherubimon but his data and the data he adsorbed to taken by Lucemon who is imprisoned in the Dark Area at the center of the Digital World. He uses the data to send Dynasmon and Lordknightmon to take more data so that he can free himself. Next, they try to stop them but fail and Lucemon is freed.

The kids retreat to the Digital Worlds moons. Dynasmon and Lordknightmon go there and are at last defeated. Lucemon shows up and adsorbs Dynasmon and Lordknightmon to go into his Falldown Mode. He defeats the heroes and destroys the moons in the process. After, he goes back to the Dark Area to open a portal to the real world to conquer it.

The kids arrive to stop him. In the battle, he seemingly kills Kouichi despite the fact that he was already dead. This causes Takuya and Kouji to merge with each other and all ten spirits to become Susanoomon. Susanoomon beats Lucemon but only his light data is scanned. His dark data merges with the Dark Area itself to change him into his Satan Mode which is controlled by the Larva form inside.

Lucemon defeats Susanoomon. After regrouping Takuya, Kouji, Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki all fuse into a stronger Susanoomon. Susanoomon defeats Lucemon's Satan Mode but the Larva form does a sneak attack and badly damages Susanoomon. Susanoomon "ejects" the kids and each of the human spirits slash him with a sword destroying Lucemon once and for all.

The spirits send the kids back through the portal to the real world that Lucemon had created just before it closes. They find Kouichi and their Digivices resurrect him.

Digimon Frontier: Island of Lost Digimon

On a floating island, the conflict between human-like and beast-like continues. Takuya, Kouji, Junpei, Izumi, and Tomoki stumble onto the island. Takuya ends up with the human-like Digimon and Kouji with the beast-like Digimon. The human-like ones are lead by Darcmon and the beast-like ones by Hippogriffomon. The others also meet Bearmon, a child beast-like Digimon, and Kotemon, a child human-like Digimon who want to stop the fighting.

Things eventually escalate into an all-out war between the two factions. It is revealed that Darcmon and Hippogriffomon are disguises of Murmukusmon. Murmukusmon used the data of the killed Digimon to revive and destructive Digimon known as Ornismon.

Takuya and Kouji awaken two of the Warrior Ten, Ancientgreymon and Ancientgarurumon, and defeat Ornismon and Murmukusmon.


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Takumi - the ship between Takuya and Izumi
Junzumi - the ship between Junpei and Izumi
Kouzumi - the ship between Kouji and Izumi


Takouji - the ship between Takuya and Kouji
Koukou - the ship between Kouji and Kouichi


Ranazumi - the ship between Ranamon and Izumi