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Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, and Digimon Adventure Tri are television series and movies about groups of children that become Chosen Children to fight alongside Digimon partners to save both their world and the Digital World from chaos. It is one of the Digimon continuities.


Digimon Adventure movie

Taichi and his little sister Hikari get a Digiegg that comes out of their computer. It hatches into Botamon who quickly evolves to Koromon. They become friends but then it evolves again to (an unusually large) Agumon and begins looking for a fight while Hikari is carried helplessly on his back.

A Parrotmon then popped up and battles Agumon and wins. At the kids distress, Agumon evolved again to Greymon and the two Digimon take each-other out.

Digimon Adventure TV series

Taichi, Yamato, Sora, Koshiro, Jo, Mimi, and Takeru get transported to File Island in the Digital World and meet their Digimon partners, creatures comprised of data.

They fight for survival and learn to evolve their Digimon and eventually come to face Devimon who is determined to kill the Chosen Children. They default Devimon and set sail across the sea after meeting an old guy called Gennai who explained what Chosen Children is.

They arrive to the Continent of Server. They find tags there and find out they need to find crests to allow their Digimon to evolve further. Unfortunately, another evil Digimon called Etemon waiting for them. They each find their crests while running from him and his forces.

During this time, Taichi selfishly tries to force his Digimon partner Agumon. Agumon evolves into Skullgreymon but he cannot control himself. After meeting Piccolomon, Taichi realizes his mistake. They also meet Nanomon who was being held prisoner by Etemon and forced to work on his Dark Network. They free him but Nanomon betrays them and takes Sora to copy her and her Digimon so he can create a Digimon who can defeat Etemon.

During the three-way fight, Nanomon is killed and Etemon fuses with the Dark Network. Taichi properly evolves his Digimon to Metalgreymon who defeats Etemon but the explosion of the Dark Network sends Taichi and Agumon back the real world.

They are eventually able to return to the Digital World to find that the others separated. Taichi seeks to reunite them and is eventually successful defeat a foe named Picodevimon working against him. Picodevimon's master is revealed to be Vamdemon. They have a short battle with him but manage to escape.

After contacting Gennai, again they find out that there is an eighth Chosen Child in the real world and that Vamdemon plans to travel there to kill her. They try to stop Vamdemon but fail and eventually follow him there.

One of Vamdemon's minions, Tailmon, meets Taichi's sister Hikari. It is discovered that Hikari is the eighth Chosen Child and Tailmon is her Digimon partner. They are joined by Wizarmon who is a friend of Tailmon.

Vandemon find out that Tailmon is the eighth child's Digimon partner and captures her to use her to identify the eighth child. He is eventually successful and the others arrive right as Vamdemon is about to kill her. A battle takes place and Hikari is able to evolve Tailmon to Angewomon who defeats Vamdemon.

The victory is short lived as Vamdemon is able to restructure himself as Venomvamdemon. The Chosen Children use an ancient prophecy to evolve Taichi and Yamato's Digimon to Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon. They manage to beat Venomvamdemon.

They then discover that the Digital World is appearing upside down in the sky. So the now eight Chosen Children go back to the Digital World to find that it has been rebuilt into Spiral Mountain ruled by the four Dark Masters: Metalseadramon, Pinochimon, Mugendramon, and Piemon.

The Chosen Children try to fight the Dark Masters but failed miserably. Piccolomon shows up and sacrifices himself to buy them enough time to escape.

They take down Metalseamon after learning that Wargreymon has the Dramon Killer that can take out dragons easily.

Then they go into the forest and are confronted with Pinochimon who takes in interest in "playing" with Takeru in lethal games. Takeru manages to escape on his own with causes Yamato to have a conflict since he always saw himself as needing to protect Takeru. After talking to a tree Yamato decides to kill Taichi but a force inside Hikari awakens and reveals the reason on they were all chosen. Then they head to the city where Hikari gets sick upsetting Taichi but they defeat Mugendramon and move on.

They face Piemon and after all regrouping defeat him too. Then Apocalymon appears and Gennai reveals that he caused the distortions that gave the Dark Masters their power. King of makes you wonder why Gennai didn't tell them this sooner. Apocalymon uses their doubts to turn them into data but they manage to pep talk each other and reappear and defeat Apocalymon. Apocalymon then decides to suicide bomb them but their Digivices suddenly have the power to create force fields and contain the explosion.

They then have to part with their Digimon and return the real world never to see each other again.

Digimon Adventure: Our War Game! movie

A Digimon hatches on the internet and starts eating data causing computers to malfunction. Discovering this Koshiro goes to get Taichi and are contacted by Gennai who sends their Digimon to battle the evil Digimon who is now in the form of Keramon. They start to win but Keramon double evolves into Infermon and blasts them before sneaking away. They try to contact the other Chosen Children but most of them prove to be useless. They eventually contact Yamato and they have Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon fight Infermon who quickly evolved to Diablomon. They're about to win but Taichi gets a Blue Screen of Death that freezes Wargreymon.

After rebooting he finds that Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon were badly damaged but they decided to go after Diablomon but he has reproduced into millions of copies of himself. Oh, and he decided to hack the Pentagon and launched a nuke at them. Only one Diablomon has the 'clock' that needs to be destroyed to stop the nuke.

All the Diablomon mess up Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon even more. This is made worse because Diablomon had been sending videos of the fight to everyone and people all over the world spammed their computers making them lag.

Taichi and Yamato somehow go into the internet too and this causes Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon to combine into Omegamon. He defeats all but one Diablomon, who of course is the one with the clock. He seems to fast to catch but then Koshiro spams him too causing him to lag and Omegamon finishes him off. The nuclear disaster is averted thanks to E-mail spam.

Digimon Adventure 02 TV series

In this series, Digimon Kaiser is introduced alongside Wormmon and is able to control Digimon thanks to Evil Rings he allegedly invented. Taichi arrives in the Digital World but quickly realizes that he and the rest of the original Chosen Children are not going to be able to help because the Digimon Kaiser also put up Dark Towers that prevent their Digimon from evolving.

Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori are summonded who have a new type of Digivice called the D-3. Takeru and Hikari also receive new Digivices. They are able to bypass the Dark Towers by using an alternate kind of evolution called Armor Evolution that uses Digimentals.

They take on the Digimon Kaiser's forces and liberate areas by demolishing his Dark Towers. During this time is revealed that the Digimon Kaiser is Ken, a child prodigy they had seen on TV. Ken eventually captures Taichi's Agumon and uses an improved version of the Evil Rings, the Evil Spiral, to control him and evolve him into a virus Metalgreymon.

Daisuke at first is hesitant to attack a friend but eventually realizes he has to fight Agumon to save him. After Agumon is rescued, Ken retreats.

Ken then decided to combine a lot of different Digimon data together to create Chimairamon. But Chimairamon cannot be controlled and threatened Ken's life too. During the battle, Daisuke awakens the Digimental of Miracles to evolve his Digimon to Magnamon. This skill isn't enough and Wormmon has to sacrifice himself to stop Chimairamon.

With his ultimate plan ruined Ken is defeated. He also realizes that the Digital World is real.

After an emotional episode, Ken goes back to the Digital World to find Wormmon had been reborn.

Daisuke and the others are start helping to rebuild the Digital World. They keep getting attacked by rouge Digimon. They see Ken kill it and are concerned that Ken is still evil.

They soon find out that these Digimon are not real but were created from Dark Towers by a peculiar woman. Ken's former base has a meltdown and is about to explode and will badly damage the Digital World. Ken tries to go on a suicide mission but Daisuke stops him. Their Digimon are able to fuse into Paildramon.

The woman turns out to be a Digimon called Archnemon. They eventually cornered her but her hopeless suitor Mummymon arrived and saved her. Needless to say, Archnemon was pretty upset about this and merges 100 Dark Towers to create Blackwargreymon. Blackwargreymon easily overpowers Paildramon but then decides he has no reason to follow Archnemon and leaves to find his 'ultimate rival'.

Archnemon and Mummymon then decide to destroy the Holy Stones that provide balance to the Digital World. When one is damaged Blackwargreymon goes nuts and decides to destroy all the Holy Stones because when one is destroyed, and an image of a dragon appears who he believes to be his rival.

The Chosen Children worked to try and stop Blackwargreymon but are constantly defeated. When there is only one Holy Stone left the dragon appears and identifies himself as Qinglongmon, one of the Four Holy Beasts. He restores the damage to the Digital World and Blackwargreymon leaves realizing that Qinglongmon is not his rival.

Archnemon and Mummymon boss is revealed to be a man named Yukio Oikawa. Oikawa opens a bunch of portals between the real and Digital Worlds causing wild Digimon and Dark Towers to appear in the real world. Gennai appears and gives the first eight Chosen Children's ability to evolve back and gives Paildramon to power to become Imperialdramon.

Imperialdramon takes both groups of Chosen Children around the world so they can destroy the Dark Towers and return the lost Digimon. But this was Oikawa's play to distract them so he could recruit several children with promises to make then as smart and strong as Ken was.

Groups of Digimon called the Demon Corps arrives lead by Demon himself. They aim is to capture Ken and take the Dark Seed that had been implanted in him causing him to become the Digimon Kaiser. The Chosen Children defeat them but Oikawa captures Ken and copies his Dark Seed planting copies of it in the children he had recruited.

Blackwargreymon goes to the real world too and confronts Oikawa, Archnemon, and Mummymon about his creation. Oikawa reveals that he created Archnemon and Mummymon from his own DNA mixed with Digimon code. This kinda makes the thing about Mummymon liking Archnemon kind of gross.

But Taichi arrives knowing that they need Oikawa alive to remove the Dark Seeds. Wargreymon and Imperialdramon defeat Blackwargreymon and he joined them to stop Oikawa. When they confront Oikawa a dark force within him emerges and fatally wounds Blackwargreymon. Blackwargreymon uses the last of his strength to close the gate between Hikarigaoka and the Digital World.

Unaware of the portal being closed Oikawa gathered all the kids he had recruited and tried to open the portal. Instead of going to the Digital World they are taken to some strange "World of Dreams". The force within Oikawa is revealed to be Vamdemon's spirit. It leaves Oikawa fatally wounding him and becomes Belialvamdemon.

Belialvamdemon slaughters Archnemon and Mummymon so he could use his mental powers to install fear into the Chosen Children. But Daisuke was not affected. Belialvamdemon then uses his Mind Illusion attack to put them into a dream where they dream that their world was their own idealization of perfection. Once again Daisuke and his Digimon is able to resist and pulled the others out of the illusion too.

The Chosen Children learn that in this world they can evolve their Digimon partners into multiple forms at one and overwhelm Belialvamdemon. But then Belialvamdemon is blasted through the "wall" of the World of Dreams and ends up back in the Digital World. He adsorbed the dark energy there and grows giant. Belialvamdemon overpowers the Chosen Children but then more Chosen Children from all over the world appear and use the lights of their Digivices the hold Belialvamdemon in place.

Belialvamdemon attempts to use the despair in the hearts of the children Oikawa had recruited to power himself back up but this backfires when the Chosen Children give them a pep talk and their hope causes Belialvamdemon's body to break apart. Vamdemon's spirit rose again swearing revenge but all the Chosen Children used the lights of their Digivice to power up Imperialdramon who used his Giga Death attack to destroy Vamdemon's spirit. At least he wasn't hit in the crotch this time.

Oikawa uses the last of his life force to restore the Digital World.

Digimon Adventure 02: Digimon Hurricane Touchdown!! Supreme Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals movie

Most of the original cast disappears save Takeru and Hikari who happen to be in New York and see Mimi vanish. Hikari senses a "crying Digimon". They see a kid named Wallace fighting a Digimon. Wallace tries to reason with the Digimon and it disappears.

The strange Digimon stops a train that Hikari and Takeru are on and all the other passengers disappear.

Hikari contacts Daisuke, Miyako, and Iori arrive in Denver. Daisuke convinces a truck driver to let the hitch-hike in the back and they meet Wallace and his Terriermon who was already hitch-hiking.

Later they are hitch-hiking again Daisuke and Wallace get separated from Miyako and Iori because they don't get in the truck fast enough.

The Digimon attacks Wallace and Daisuke but they hold their own. The Digimon disappears after Wallace agrees to meet it in the flower field at Summer Memory. Wallace explained to Daisuke that the strange Digimon is also his Digimon partner Gummymon.

After meeting back up with Miyako and Iori they head to Summer Memory. The Digimon returned and evolves and they have the battle it. Takeru and Hikari arrive and start it damage it. They have their Digimon evolve to Seraphimon and Holydramon which release the Digimentals of Miracles and Fate before the Digimon sucker punches them. The Digimentals cause Daisuke and Wallace's Digimon to become Magnamon and Rapidmon. They end of in a pocket reality inside the Digimon's mouth where they destroy it from within.

With it gone all the people who disappeared return. The find Gummymon's Digiegg in the ocean.

Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back movie

One of the Diablomons apparently survived and began spawning copies of its baby form Kuramon that were popping into real world. Koshiro informed the others of this. Taichi and Yamato go back into the internet with Omegamon to stop Diablomon. Meanwhile, Daisuke, Ken, Miyako, Iori, Takeru, and Hikari go to gather the Kuramon.

Omegamon has a hard time hitting Diablomon because the Kuramon keep getting in the way. Takeru and Hikari arrive to help and they defeat Diablomon. This proves to be a trap because the portals close. Takeru and Hikari's Digimon use the power to open a portal to the real world.

Miyako sends a challenge to all the remaining Kuramon to meet them at Tokyo Bay. The Kuramon gather there and merge into Armagemon. Omegamon arrives through the portal and fights Armagemon but is defeated. Daisuke and Ken arrive with Imperialdramon and try to fight it but cannot damage it. Omegamon then gives the last of his power to Imperialdramon so he can use Paladin Mode and defeats Armagemon.


Digimon Adventure has a large fandom being of the earlier "animes" on TV in the west.

As far as shipping goes fans peacefully and civilly discusses whether to pair Sora with Taichi or Yamato. When 02 aired, fans also debated whether Hikari should be with Daisuke or Takeru, again with perfect respect for each-other. Word of God declared the official pairings to be Yamato + Sora and Ken + Miyako which fans fully understood and accepted.

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