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Demyx is a character in the Kingdom Hearts series. He is number IX of Organization XIII and is known as the melodious nocturne. Demyx uses a sitar as his weapon and commands the element of water. He is the nobody of an unknown man.


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Not much has been shown about Demyx's relationships. He was brought into Organization XIII at some point was loyal to their cause. He was present when Roxas and Xion were introduced to the organization. Demyx joined Roxas on some missions to Olympus Coliseum and also showed interest in both his and Xion's keyblades. After Sora became whole again, Demyx followed him around and fought him twice. Sora eventually killed Demyx.


Demyx is a rather popular Kingdom Hearts character despite the fact that he did not get much attention in the games. He was actually portrayed as a wimp who did not get along with anybody in the organization yet a lot of fans still seem to love him. Many love him for the fact that he uses his sitar as a weapon and is able to create water clones of himself when he played it. Demyx is often shipped with other organization members such as Axel or Larxene.


  • In the manga, Demyx claimed that he has "flipped a girl's switch" before but was unsure as to what Roxas was talking about.

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