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DekuLink is a Het ship between Link and the Deku Princess in The Legend of Zelda series. It applies to the Majora's Mask game as that is the only game that the Deku Princess makes an appearance in.


The Deku Princess was kidnapped by Odolwa and placed in a prison in the bottom of the Woodfall Temple prior to Link's arrival in Termina. A monkey who was friends with her was falsely accused by the Deku King and imprisoned. When Link arrived, the monkey told Link about the captured princess and begged him to go and save her. He eventually manages to defeat Odolwa which reveals the location of the prison where the Deku Princess is being held.

Link is teleported to the room where the Deku Princess is being held and cuts open her prison. Despite being in his Hylian form and not his Deku, the princess is happy to see and is thankful for him arriving to save her. The Deku Princess admits that she was worried that her father would accuse the monkey of kidnapping her and was upset when she found that to be true. Link then stores her in one of his empty bottles and brings her back to the Deku Palace. After having the monkey freed, she thanks him and lets him know that the butler prepared a reward for him.


DekuLink has a small amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. Most fans who do ship specifically ship Link in his Deku form with the Deku Princess. It was eventually revealed that Link takes on the form of the butler's son when he puts on the Deku Mask. Many fans began to speculate a possible romance between the butler's son and the princess. However, as the former has passed away, many fans moved that onto Deku Link instead.


  • When Link transforms into a Deku Scrub, he takes on the form of the butler's son. It is implied that he had a romance with the Deku Princess.