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Damerey is the het ship between Poe Dameron and Rey from the Star Wars fandom.


Poe and Rey were both friends with Finn, and were both concerned for him after his fight with Kylo Ren. In the novelization of "The Force Awakens" they meet after they get the star map to locate Luke Skywalker. They hug and introduce themselves to one another.

A similar meeting happens in "The Last Jedi", following the near complete destruction of the resistance.


Due to the fact that they hadn't met during "The Force Awakens", many would write fics surrounding the two's first meeting. Although shipping between the two was rare given the popularity of the other ships they were a part of. Shipping became more popular after their meeting in "The Last Jedi".


Poe“I'm Poe.”
Poe“I know.”
— The Last Jedi.



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  • They first meet in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  • By the fandom, Poe and Rey are often considered the parents of BB-8.