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Colbeth is a Het ship between Colin and Beth in The Legend of Zelda series.


Colin and Beth are both from Ordon Village and have grown up together. However, Colin was picked on by the other kids and even Beth seemed to look down on him. Eventually, the children are captured but manage to escape and seek refuge in Kakariko Village. Beth is scared of the attacking beasts but Colin assures her that Link would come to save and attempts comfort her but she pulls away. Link does eventually arrive but King Bulblin comes to attack. Beth is in the way so Colin pushes her out of the way and gets captured. Link saves him and the other kids including Beth finally begin to respect him. They take care of Colin and help him recover.


Colbeth has a small amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. It is not as popular as some of the main ships due to the fact that the characters only appear in one game and that they are still children. However, despite being a toy ship, Colbeth still has its fans. Some speculate that Colin did have a crush on Beth due to his desire to comfort and protect her. Others believe that it is possible that Beth likes Colin as well after he saved her.