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Clint Barton is a character from the Avengers fandom, based on the Marvel comics character.


Earth 616

He was born in Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa. When he was a kid, he lost both of his parents. He used to be a problem child. He lived in many families, but he ran from all of them. Later he joined the circus, where he became a perfect acrobat. His mentors were Swordsman, a mysterious man who was one of the best sword fighters, and a great archer called Trick Shot. They taught Clint to fight with sword, dagger and a bow. Then Swordsman noticed his talent - he was able to shoot almost everything. He used him in many robberies. He found out that Swordsman is stealing money from the circus, but before he could say something to the principal, he was beaten by Sworsman. He switched many circuses,where he showed his archery under a nickname - Hawkeye. Luckily, one day Clint saw Iron Man saving a child from a burning car and he found out that he wants to help, too. He wanted to take a part of the Avengers - a famous superhero team. He demonstrated his abilities and became an Avenger.

Hawkeye became one of the symbols of the Avengers. When were Avengers separated, he was a leader of the West Coast Avengers, who were fighting against Crossfire. about the real year 1969, he became Goliath. He was a part of Defenders, too. Then he had his own team, the Thunderbolts. This team wanted to help villains, who wanted to be heroes. For a while, Bullseye took his identity, what didn't make him really happy. In the end he became an Avenger again. During the Kree invasion, he sacrificed his life to stop it. Later Scarlet Witch changed the reality and most of this information were changed. He bacame a part of the New Avengers, where he operated under a pseudonym Ronin. After the Siege crossover he came back to name Hawkeye and to the Avengers. In real year 2012 he bacame a part of the Secret Avengers.



Claura - the ship between Clint and Laura Barton
Clintasha — the ship between Natasha Romanoff and Clint
Hawkwitch - the ship between Wanda Maximoff and Clint
Taserhawk - the ship between Darcy Lewis and Clint


Captain Hawk - the ship between Steve Rogers and Clint
Falconeye - the ship between Sam Wilson and Clint
FrostHawk — the ship between Clint and Loki
Hawkson — the ship between Clint and Phil Coulson
Hulkeye — the ship between Bruce Banner and Clint
Iron Hawk - the ship between Clint and Tony Stark
SilverHawk — the ship between Pietro Maximoff and Clint
WinterHawk — the ship between Bucky Barnes and Clint


Natasha Romanoff

Main article: Clintasha

His first superhero girlfriend was the spy Black Widow, but she left him and he made a decision that he won't trust anyone anymore.

Wanda Maximoff

Main article: Hawkwitch

Then he fell in love with Wanda Maximoff known as Scarlet Witch, that put him into a problem with her brother Pietro known as Quicksilver.

Bobbi Morse Then he met with Barbara Bobbi Morse, Mockingbird, and they fell in love and got married. They leaded the West Coast Avengers together, but then Bobbi left the team. Since then they lived separated. Their love ended, when Bobbi sacrificed her life when they were fighting Mephisto and Satannish. He and the Thunderbolts tried to get Bobbi's soul back, but, even they overwhelmed Mephisto, they weren't successful.

Janet van Dyne

His last romance was with Wasp when he came back to the Avengers.

Laura Barton

In films he is married to Laura and has three children - two boys and one girl. The youngest is Nathaniel Pietro, older than him is Lila and the oldest is Cooper.