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Cinderella is a character in the Disney series as well as the Kingdom Hearts series. She is a Disney princess who is married to Prince Charming. In the Kingdom Hearts series, Cinderella is also a princess of heart which means that she is one of seven with a pure heart.


Het Ships

  • Charmella - Charming and Cinderella
  • Terrella - Terra and Cinderella

Canon Relationships

Prince Charming

Cinderella was invited to a ball at Charming's castle along with all other women in the land. Despite her step-mother's and step-sisters' attempts to prevent her from going, Cinderella showed up at the ball. Prince Charming was supposed to dance with all of the women and decide whom he wanted to marry. He immediately notices Cinderella and decides to dance with her. They were about to kiss when the clock struck midnight and Cinderella was forced to flee because her fairy godmother's spell was wearing off.

When Cinderella escapes, she left one of her glass slippers behind. Charming was so determined to find her that he ordered the grand duke to have all women in the land try on the slipper so that he could find her. Cinderella eventually is about to have the slipper tried on but her step-mother breaks it. However, she still had the other slipper and was able to show that it fits. Afterwards, Cinderella was taken to the castle where she married Prince Charming and became a princess.


In the Kingdom Hearts series, Terra befriended Cinderella and helped her while he was visiting the Castle of Dreams. She was crying after her step-sisters had ripped up her dress and he approached her to comfort her. Terra encouraged Cinderella to keep her faith and then the fairy godmother arrived to help her. He escorted her to the ball and served as her bodyguard. While there, a gigantic unversed attacked but it was defeated by Terra in order to protect Cinderella.


Cinderella's story is a classic and is very popular because of this. Many people in the world are aware of this story even if they have not seen the Disney movie that adapts this fairy tale. There are some who criticize some of the older Disney princesses as they feel that they are sexist stereotypes and are not good role models for young females. However, she is still rather popular and many fans sympathize her when her step-sisters and step-mother mistreated her. Cinderella is usually shipped with her canon love interest Prince Charming. However, in the Kingdom Hearts series, she is sometimes shipped with Terra.


  • Cinderella is the second official Disney princess.