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Christina is a character from the Divergent fandom.

She transferred to Dauntless from Candor, and was Tris Prior's first and best friend during her initiation into Dauntless. She was first introduced when she helped Tris onto the Train after the Choosing Ceremony. Christina befriends Tris and becomes a vital part in the beginning of Tris' new life in Dauntless.


Canon Relationships


She and Will became friends early in the book. In the late part of stage 2 of initiations Will kissed Chistina as they were walking near the train tracks, later followed by Chistina kissing Will. Will and Christina start dating just before the 3rd stage of initiation when Will punches Christina. Their relationship continues through the end of initiations where they celebrate becoming Dauntless members together. At the end of the book Tris is worried if she will ever see Christina again and is terrified to think what will happen when Christina finds Will's lifeless body in the streets.

When Christina found out that Tris had been the one who shot Will, she was very upset and did not speak to her for days. Eventually, she forgave Tris when she realized that there really was no other option and that he was under the simulation.


  • In the film adaptations of Divergent, Christina is portrayed by Zoe Kravitz.

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