ChessShipping is a Het ship between Hilbert and Hilda in the Pokémon series.


Hilbert and Hilda's relationship largely depends on which character is chosen as the player character. The chosen protagonist is a trainer from Nuvema Town while the other can eventually be found on the Battle Subway. The character that is not the player will become the player's partner for the Battle Subway and be eager to assist them.


ChessShipping is a rather popular ship in the Pokémon fandom. This is due to the fact that both are the protagonist and counterparts to each other. While they do not interact much throughout the story, Hilda and Hilbert will partner up on the Battle Subway and work well together. ChessShipping is commonly shipped as the canon equivalent of AgencyShipping which is between Black and White from the manga, as Black and White are the counterparts of Hilbert and Hilda respectively. ChessShipping most commonly rivals FerrishWheelShipping, CheckmateShipping, IsshuShipping, and RebelShipping.


  • Hilbert and Hilda are the main characters of Pokémon Black and White and chess is a game that involves black and white pieces. Also, Hilbert and Hilda are named Black and White in the Pokémon Adventures adaptation.