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Chan is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. He is a popular teenager who lives on Ember Island and is the son of an admiral with the same name.


Het Ships

  • Chai - Chan and Mei
  • Chan Lee - Chan and Ty Lee
  • Chanzula - Chan and Azula

Canon Relationships


Chan did not take much interest in Azula at first because he found her to be odd. He only wanted to invite Ty Lee and Mai to his party but decided to invite Zuko and Azula as well. However, once Azula decided to practice her flirting, she finally got Chan's attention. Despite her awkwardness by calling him so sharp that he could puncture an entire Fire Nation fleet, he decided to join her on the balcony where they kissed. However, Azula displayed her craze over power immediately after which scared Chan away. She later came back to the party and wrecked his house.


Chan does not have a large amount of popularity because he only appears in one episode. He is mostly in fan fiction in order to be shipped with Azula. In fact, he is the most popular male to be shipped with her and most fans who do not ship Azula with Ty Lee ship her with Chan instead. Even though things between Chan and Azula ended up being rough, most fans still like the idea of them being together.


  • Chan supposedly loved his grandmother a lot.