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Cain is a character in the Supernatural series.


Since Cain has only appeared in one episode, he isn't really shipped with anyone. A few fans ship him with Dean.


  • Cain was married to Colette until the Knight of Hell Abbadon murdered her.
  • He was the only being able to use the First Blade due to him having the Mark of Cain, though he passed the Mark onto Dean after he proved himself worthy.


  • Cain is the first and only demon with the ability to smite.
  • Cain is similar to Dean in many ways. Both of them wanted to keep their younger brothers from being corrupted. They also took extreme measures to make sure their brothers were saved, regardless of the rest of the consequences. Cain also remarked that Dean's bravery was very much like his. They both had gone to hell for a deal they made to protect their brothers. Finally, they both carried the same bloodline that could host the archangels. Parallels can be found here [1].

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