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Bumi is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He was a commander of the United Forces prior to retirement and a non-bender until he became an airbender after Harmonic Convergence. Bumi is also the son of Aang and Katara and the older brother of Kya and Tenzin.


Het Ships

  • Bumzumi - Bumi and Izumi
  • Linumi - Bumi and Lin Beifong


Bumi has not been seen in a canon relationship with any characters romantically. He is most often shipped with Lin Beifong or Zuko's daughter who was later revealed to be named Izumi. Bumi moved in with his brother Tenzin after he retired so it is unlikely that he had a spouse or children.


When Bumi was first revealed to be a character, many fans speculated that he was actually Amon. Since little was known about him, some thought that he would feel left out as the non-bender of the family and resent benders as a result of his upbringing. Some even speculated that he learned energybending from Aang. However, this was later proven false as Amon turned out to be a guy named Noatak who used bloodbending to remove bending instead of energybending. It was also revealed that Bumi was a part of the United Forces.

When it was revealed that both Bumi and Zuko's grandson Iroh were a part of the United Forces, many fans speculated that the former was the father of the latter. They referred to Zuko's then unnamed daughter as "Honora" and shipped her with Bumi. However, it seemed that Bumi and Iroh were not related and that Bumi was single. Many other fans started to ship Bumi with Lin since she is also single at an older age.


  • Bumi is named after his father Aang's friend Bumi who was the king of Omashu.
  • Bumi was thought to be the second child because he was listed second until he was revealed to be the oldest.