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Broh is a slash ship between Bolin and Iroh in The Legend of Korra series.


Bolin and Iroh first met when they were in the same group for the final battle of Republic City. After Korra rescued him, they went to go find an Equalist airfield along with Asami. Bolin respected Iroh and always listened to what he had to say. They were later captured and imprisoned when they walked into an electric fence and were knocked out. Bolin and Iroh were tied together while they were locked up in the prison cell. Iroh asked if Bolin was metalbender and he replied that he is not, which caused Iroh to look away and pout. They were eventually rescued by Naga and Pabu.


The Bolin and Iroh ship became popular after the two episode finale of Book One: Air aired. Many fans were a fan of the fact that Bolin and Iroh were tied together while they were in a prison cell. Many found the scene where Iroh pouted after Bolin said that he is not a metalbender to be funny. Bolin also looked back at Iroh and smiled. A lot of fans saw this scene as showing chemistry between the two.



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