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Bolin is a character in The Legend of Korra series. He is an earthbender and lavabender as well as the younger brother of Mako and boyfriend of Opal. Bolin was also once a pro-bender, actor, and Earth Empire soldier.


Het Ships

Slash Ships

  • Borrick - Bolin and Iknik Blackstone Varrick
  • Broh - Bolin and Iroh
  • Weilin - Bolin and Wei

Canon Relationships


Bolin first sat his eyes on Korra as soon as they met. Bolin had a crush on Korra whom had a crush on his brother Mako. After Mako rejected Korra, Bolin finally convinced Korra to go out on a date with him. They ate at Narook's Seaweed Noodlery, had some drinks, and went to Harmony Tower together. However, Bolin later witnessed Korra kissing Mako and ran off crying. Korra eventually apologized to Bolin while healing him and told him that he is one of a kind. Bolin and Korra remained good friends afterwards.


Bolin first set his eyes on Eska as soon as he saw her. He made a move on her and she decided to make him "hers" because he amused her. Bolin sought comfort in her when he was afraid of ghost stories. However, Eska started to treat Bolin as a servant and he wanted to break up with her. However, whenever he tried, she would freeze him and threaten him. Eska later decided that they were getting married. Bolin managed to escape with Varrick and Eska was heartbroken.

During the battle of Harmonic Convergence, Eska and her twin brother Desna captured Bolin and Mako. Bolin ended up crying that he would never get to see Eska again and apologized for dumping her. Eska kissed Bolin and freed him. Eventually, Bolin was nearly dragged off by a dark spirit and Eska saved him. They decided to face the end of the world together. After the battle, Bolin invited Eska and Desna to go to Republic City but she declined, saying that they needed to return to the Northern Water Tribe. They admitted that they were caught up in the moment and Eska told Bolin that she would always remember him fondly.


Bolin sat his eyes on Ginger when they were cast in a movie together. Varrick cast Bolin as the hero Nuktuk and Ginger as his love interest in the series. Bolin wanted to replicate this relationship in real life but Ginger said that he was confusing her character with herself. Bolin later kissed her on the set when it was not scripted. They eventually arrived together at the showing of the series finale and were introduced as a couple but Ginger still thought of him as a knucklehead. However, after Bolin fought a bunch of waterbenders off, Ginger referred to him as her boyfriend and kissed him.


Bolin first met Opal when he was visiting Zaofu. Opal immediately crushed on him. Bolin was not sure if he really felt that about her but after talking to Mako he decided to give her a chance. Bolin initially tried to act a stud which scared her off so he quickly apologized and Opal told him to just be himself. Opal later encouraged Bolin to try to learn metalbending and Bolin encouraged her to join Tenzin at the Northern Air Temple. Bolin was sad when she left but Opal insisted that they would see each other again. Eventually, the Red Lotus attacked the new Air Nation. Bolin was worried about Opal and hugged her when he finally got to see her again.

Over the next three years, Bolin and Opal started to date at some point. However, Bolin joined the Earth Empire and swore his loyalty to Kuvira. This caused Opal to be mad at him. Bolin eventually realized how crazy Kuvira was and escaped from her. However, Opal's family had been captured and she was still mad at him. Bolin tried to throw Opal a picnic but she was still mad and made him join her to save her family. Bolin and Opal along with Lin and Toph managed to save them and Opal forgave him. At Varrick and Zhu Li's wedding, Opal took Bolin on the dance floor to dance with him.


Bolin was a highly anticipated character as soon as he was introduced at a Comic Con panel. Many fans started to ship him with Korra and suspected that he would be involved in love triangle with her. This turned out to be correct. Once the series started, a lot of fans also started to ship Bolin with Asami because it works with Makorra. Once Book Two was announced, many fans shipped Bolin with Eska as soon as she was revealed as a character. When Book Three came along, fans also started to ship him with Opal as it was canon.


  • One of the writers toyed with the idea of pairing Bolin with Zhu Li in Book Two: Spirits.