Bispearl is the non-binary ship between Bismuth and Pearl from the Steven Universe fandom.


When Steven brings Bismuth out of Lion's mane, Pearl is overjoyed and runs up to Bismuth to embrace her. Bismuth then jokes about who Pearl belongs to, which Pearl laughs along with. This shows that they have a strong relationship, as in any other circumstance, being a servant is a sensitive topic for Pearl.

Bismuth learns about the aftermath of the war from Pearl. When Pearl starts to cry, Bismuth tells Pearl that she starts to cry whenever Pearl does, implying they had a close relationship previously. Pearl apologizes, but Bismuth says that it is okay, and they comfort each other.

In general, they appear to be close (at least in comparison to the still extant Crystal Gems), having bonded over their common disregard of the Gem caste system.


It is a popular pairing for Bismuth. It rivals Pearlrose, Pearlnet, Pearlmethyst, Bisnet and Bisdot.


“Bismuth! Ahahahaha! You're back!”
—Pearl to Bismuth, "Bismuth"
Bismuth“Woah! Hehehehe! The Pearl I know never jumps into my arms! Hey, did somebody lose a Pearl? Who do you belong to?”



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