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Beronica is the femslash ship between Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge in CW teen mystery Riverdale.


The two were originally rivals for Archie, but the next day they became friends due to a mutual hatred of someone else, Cheryl Blossom. Veronica is trying to set up Betty and Archie as a power couple, but Archie feels Betty is too perfect. They kissed during cheerleading tryouts, but that was explicitly stated to not be romantic. The Riverdale Wiki explicitly lists them as friends.


  • It appears a popular ship on the series[1][2]
  • The budding fandom was angry that this ship did not come to pass, despite their kiss being part of the trailers.
  • According to Tumblr user solangelobro: Wanna talk about the Beronica queerbaiting in Riverdale because HOLY SHIT
  • According to Tumblr user bobbedrake: i can’t believe riverdale is gonna give us something so pure and sweet as beronica……….. and then shove gross ass no chemistry archieronica in our throats i’m screaming
  • According to Tumblr user sarcastic-clover: *me refusing to ship Beronica because queerbaiting and *also me after watching Betty x Veronica’s first scene together and knowing that I immediately ship them



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  • Lily Reinhart (Betty Cooper) considers Betty and Veronica to be soulmates[3]




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