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ClarkeThe flame will protect me. I don't know how I know, I just... know.
BellamyI believe you.

Bellarke is a het ship between Bellamy Blake and Clarke Griffin on the CW dystopian drama The 100.


The relationship between Clarke and Bellamy starts out antagonistic towards each other. In the beginning, Bellamy shows a great amount of animosity towards Clarke and considers her to be one of the "privileged" in the hierarchy the Ark created. Meanwhile, Clarke often disagrees with the decisions Bellamy makes. However, as season one goes on, their relationship develops into a partnership. Their partnership grows into a friendship filled with mutual respect and trust. They are both shown to care if the other lives or dies.

They are separated during the war in We Are Grounders (Part 2), only to be reunited again in the fifth episode of season two. Clarke and Bellamy pull down the lever that causes all the Mountain Men, including the children and people who have helped them, to die in Blood Must Have Blood (Part 2). After that, Clarke leaves Bellamy and the rest of her people behind at Camp Jaha to cope with what happened at Mount Weather and decompress.

In season three, they have been separated and reunited 4 times. In Wanheda (Part 2), Bellamy finds Clarke, captive, but he is stabbed in the leg and she is taken away by Roan. In Ye Who Enter Here, Bellamy arrives at Polis and finds Clarke there. He begs her to come back to Arkadia with him but she refuses so he leaves without her. In Hakeldama, Clarke sneaks into Arkadia to confront Bellamy about his massacre of a Grounder army. He attempts to take her to Pike but she shock-lashes him and escapes. In Nevermore, they are reunited once again and attempt to save Raven's life along with the help of the other Delinquents. In Join or Die, Bellamy admits to Clarke that he was really angry at her for leaving and that he doesn't want to feel that way anymore.

They were working together for most of season four, but they separated in We Will Rise and reunited at the end of DNR. In the season finale, Praimfaya, Clarke told Bellamy to use his head and that he inspires people with his big heart. At the end, Bellamy had to decide to leave Clarke behind since she did not make it back to Becca's lab on time. Bellamy, along with six others, used Becca's rocket to go back to the Ark while Clarke remained on the ground. Bellamy assumed Clarke died in the death wave. In an epilogue scene, taking place six years later, it is revealed that Clarke has survived and has been trying to contact Bellamy using radio. It is unclear if Bellamy has received these messages and is unable to respond or if he still believes Clarke to be dead. Clarke has been waiting for 2,199 days for Bellamy to respond and is wondering why the group has not come back to Earth.



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"I got you for that."
Get Clarke whatever she needs.
—Bellamy, Earth Kills.
We can't lose Clarke. We can't lose her.
—Bellamy, Wanheda (Part 2)



  • Bellamy and Clarke are 5 years apart in age.
  • In the novel, Bellamy and Clarke have a romantic relationship. In the second novel, they confess their love for each other, and at the end of the fourth book, they get engaged.
  • In the novel, Bellamy is the one to nickname Clarke "Princess". In the show, Finn is the first one to call her that but Bellamy uses it too.
  • We Are Grounders (Part 1), according to John Murphy, Clarke is the Princess and Bellamy is the King in.
  • In Nevermore, while Raven was possessed by A.L.I.E., she calls Bellamy "the good little knight by his queen's side" with Clarke being "the queen".
  • Their first interaction is in Pilot. Bellamy wants to open the Dropship door, and Clarke objects.
  • They are only main characters that appears almost every episode, Bellamy did not appear in Thirteen and Clarke did not appear in Terms and Conditions.
  • In The Other Side script, Clarke aims a gun at Bellamy, threatening to kill him. However, in the script she couldn't shoot him because she didn't want to kill another person she loved. This possibly means that Clarke loves Bellamy, but it is never showed on screen.
  • Bellamy saves Clarke multiple times, three times in season 1: he saves Clarke from falling into hole, saves her from getting  killed by Dax and Anya. In season 2, when they discover that someone put poison in Lexa's drink, Bellamy slaps the cup out of Clarke's hand. He saves her twice in season 4: shot one of Roan's men who captured her, later Bellamy stabbed grounder ambusher before they could kill Clarke. Bellamy tries to save Clarke in Wanheda (Part 2), but failed.