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Fear has kept me in that living room for 14 years
—Barry to Joe

Barry Allen is the protagonist of the CW series The Flash.


Barry lives a happy life with his mother and father in Central City until he is 11 years old. One night, a strange man appears in his house in a blur and murders his mother. Barry's father is framed for the murder and sent to prison for life. Little Barry knows he saw something, but adults around him are unconvinced. Kind-hearted CCPD Detective Joe West takes in Barry, who is best friends with his daughter, Iris, and raises Barry like he was his own son.



Barry works as an assistant CSI in Central City, always keeping an eye out for unexplained cases should they give him a clue about his mother's murderer, and a way to save his father. This has gotten him in trouble with his superiors, but Barry is on a mission to reunite his fragmented family. One of these cases lead Barry to Starling City, where he encounters Oliver Queen, John Diggle, Detective Lance and Felicity Smoak. Felicity and Barry quickly find common ground and get a long well; so well that Felicity asks him to accompany her to a party at the Queen Mansion.

Diggle discovers that Barry wasn't sent to Starling City by his work and he tells Oliver and Felicity why he came to inspect the case. Felicity understands, but Oliver is cold. Yet, later, Oliver decides to invite Barry to the party after all. Barry and Felicity dance and are later alone at the lab, where they share a moment, but nothing happens and Barry's off to Central City. Following Oliver's encounter with one of the Mirakuru-enhanced soldiers, Felicity convinces John to get Barry back to the lair and Barry saves Oliver's life and learns his secret identity.



Balinda — the ship between Barry and Linda Park
Barricity — the ship between Barry and Felicity Smoak
Snowbarry — the ship between Caitlin Snow and Barry
Splash — the ship between Barry and Patty Spivot


Barrisco — the ship between Cisco Ramon and Barry
Flarrow — the ship between Barry and Oliver Queen
Flarry — the ship between Harry Wells (Earth-2) and Barry

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