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Bakoda is a Slash ship between Hakoda and Bato in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


Bato and Hakoda have been good friends, presumably since their childhood. They pulled multiple pranks together including tricking Hakoda's mother Kanna into thinking that they were a spirit. Both became warriors of the Southern Water Tribe and eventually left home to help in the war against the Fire Nation. At one point, Bato was injured and had to stay behind for a while. He helped Hakoda's children complete the ice dodging ritual that Sokka never got to complete. Bato eventually rejoined Hakoda and Sokka later came to join them. The two laughed about the name of a weapon and Bato remarked that the two were very similar. Bato and Hakoda took part in the invasion of the Fire Nation together though it ended up being a failure and they were both imprisoned. After the war ended, they attended Zuko's coronation as Fire Lord together.


Bakoda is a rather popular Avatar ship and is the most popular slash ship involving Hakoda. While Hakoda was married, his wife was killed. Some shipped him with Ursa but it was eventually revealed that she got remarried to somebody else. Many others decided to ship Hakoda with Bato as it is unknown if he was ever married in the first place. Many like the fact that the two are very close and others are convinced that Bato would make a great new lover for Hakoda.