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Azula is a character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender series.


She is firebender and a former princess of the Fire Nation. She is also the daughter of Ozai and Ursa and younger sister of Zuko.


Het Ships

Azaang - the ship between Azula and Aang
Chanzula - the ship between Azula and Chan
Jetzula - the ship between Jet and Azula
Sokkla - the ship between Azula and Sokka

Femslash Ships

Azuki - the ship between Azula and Suki
Azutara - the ship between Azula and Katara
Maizula - the ship between Azula and Mai
Tophzula - the ship between Azula and Toph Beifong
Tyzula - the ship between Azula and Ty Lee



Main article: Chanzula

Azula had a brief fling with Chan while she was on a vacation at Ember Island. They met while hanging out at the beach and he invited her to his party but only because he invited her other friends. Still, he initially seemed to be more interested in her friend Ty Lee. However, once Ty Lee gave Azula advice on flirting, she decided to practice with Chan and she had some success. They kissed on the balcony but Azula demonstrated her firebending abilities while declaring that they would rule the world which caused him to run away scared. Azula later later came back to the party and wrecked Chan's house along with her friends.


Azula is one of the most popular Avatar characters and possibly the most popular villain. A lot fans loved her cunning and manipulative behavior and were upset when she lost to Katara and went insane during the finale. Many fans are hoping to see Azula in the future and hope that she has a chance at redemption. Azula is most commonly shipped with Ty Lee but some fans like to ship with her others such as her first kiss Chan or even one of her enemies such as Sokka.


  • Azula was initially conceptualized as being an older brother to Zuko instead of a younger sister.
  • Azula has the same voice actress as Roku's wife Ta Min as well as Ming-Hua and Lin Beifong from a flashback in the Legend of Korra.